Keys Terms and Eligibility Criteria

To apply online, you’ll need to

✅ Be a UK resident

✅ Be aged 18 or older

Sorry.  But we cannot accept applications is you are currently unemployed or self employed

What can I use my loan for

You can use your loan for almost anything apart from:

• Purchasing property (home improvements are fine)

• Gambling-related expenses

• Repaying CCJs (County Court Judgments)

• Investments, including buying stocks and shares

• Timeshares

• Business reasons

Key Product Features

Payment Date

You must pay at least the Flex Low® payment each month or will be in breach of our agreement. We agree your Flex Low® payment as part of your application.

Payment Hierarchy

You must pay at least the Flex Low® of each month or will be in breach oft our agreement.  We agree your Flex Low® payment as part of your application.

You are expected to regularly pay the Normal Monthly Payment (NMP) each month, and if you do not then you authorise us to take up to a Flex Max® payment each month until you catch up with Normal Monthly Payments.

All payments received will be allocated against the Outstanding Balance

Affordability Range

We agree your individual affordability range with you at the point of application.  We will seek to take amounts within this range to allow you flexibility or to get you back on track.

Flex Low® is the lower amount to be utilised occasionally and could be as little as 50% of the NMP. This allows you to keep up payments on your loan when you experience a month of lower income or higher expenditure.

Flex Max® is the maximum amount we will take from your account without further consent if you have paid less than the Normal Monthly Payment previously and have not caught up.

You can make larger payments at any time.

Interest is always charged on the Outstanding Balance, so if you utilise lower Flex Low® at any time, you will pay more interest than if you maintain the Normal Monthly Payments unless you then overpay at a later date to reduce the

Outstanding Balance.

Fees and Charges

No fees are payable to Custom Credit for:

• Application

• Loan Advance

• Loan Admin

• Low or no payment

• Overpayment

• Early Repayment

Missing Payments

Missing payments could have severe consequences, including legal proceedings, the possibility that your home may be repossessed and the possibility that missing payments may make it more difficult to obtain credit.

If you are experiencing any Financial Difficulties please do not hesitate to contact us