Time to buy a new wheelbarrow…

I’m having my garden landscaped at the moment and as with all change it can cause a level of anxiety, in this case, about the final finish but also the impact to the areas not being worked on. Ahead of the work we discussed that certain materials may need to be brought through the house […]

Tear Down the Barriers

As we spend more time working on how to implement our policies into practice it is really enlightening and thought provoking. I’ve thought for a long time that the barriers to entry into Financial Services are getting higher, sometimes even a degree isn’t good enough, the type, level and where it was obtained could easily […]

On Strategy

It’s been almost six months since I joined Custom Credit and I have been spending some time reflecting on the story so far. A (good) habit I have gotten into thanks to years in an industry that enforces measurable objectives and development plans. So, when I sit down and document everything we’ve achieved.. I’m happy […]

Working From Home

In the last week or so we’ve seen reports that Google is expecting their staff to return to their offices in the coming weeks, not full time but certainly it seems regularly. It’s got us thinking what is the right approach to ensure that our colleagues are happy but they also have the best possible […]

Big sleep out – one night is enough!

Big sleep out – one night is enough! So, on Friday 18th November myself, Howe Timms and Scott Stevenson showed our support for our Charity of the Year, “Off the Fence”, by joining them in the ‘Big Sleep Out’. This event has been enormously successful previously in not only raising money, but also raising awareness […]