It’s been almost six months since I joined Custom Credit and I have been spending some time reflecting on the story so far. A (good) habit I have gotten into thanks to years in an industry that enforces measurable objectives and development plans.

So, when I sit down and document everything we’ve achieved.. I’m happy to say that we’ve done an incredible amount within Custom Credit in a relatively short space of time.

Feels good.

But sitting down to think about what we’ve done and why we’ve done this is all about making sure that we continue to focus upon ‘The Strategy

An old article I personally reference back to regularly is ‘Don’t Let Strategy Become Planning‘. It’s here (I’ve referred back to it so often I’ve managed to track the url changes over the years) The wisdom within it still strikes a chord with me

The only things I would add or emphasis are

Happy to report that, as we commence the next strategic planning cycle, we know our strategy, we have our eyes firmly on the space where we play and if (when) the next six months are anywhere near as productive as the last six months… we’re going to have an amazing story to share